Central Algarve

Consists of many districts; –

Faro – The Algarve’s Capital City, Faro has several great attractions and is ideal for those that want to combine a slice of small city life with their trip to the Algarve. It has many interesting historical attractions, including a Capela dos Ossos (chapel made from bones), and is an extremely popular day trip destination.

Loulé – Inland historical town with a castle and popular weekly market. Remarkably busy, with lots of hustle and bustle.  Many shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Generally, lots of events and entertainment year-round.

Quarteira – With a long sandy beach and 2 km long promenade that is lined with big hotels and apartment blocks, this is a quintessential Algarve resort town. It is not as upmarket as nearby Vilamoura but it makes up for that with its long, white and sandy beach. Remnants of the former fishing village still exist you will see the fisherman working from several of the piers around Quarteira and statues dedicated to them along the promenade. Of course, the excellent fish and seafood market and the many great seafood restaurants around the two are probably the biggest examples that you will find.


Vilamoura – An Upmarket resort town that is built around a marina and attracts many golfers. It has a long and spacious sandy beach, Praia de Vilamoura, with a pier on either side of the beach, and a lighthouse on each pier. The water in between is calm and welcoming, and behind the beach there are restaurants and bars where you can get refreshments or have a meal overlooking the sea. It is characterised by carefully manicured lawns, modern apartment blocks, luxury hotels, golf-themed pubs, and of course the marina that the town is built around. You will also find plenty of beach clubs and golf courses, a casino, and plenty of companies offering boat trips. It also has a water park, which is great for all ages.

Alte – Small, inland town that is known for its beautiful fontes which are a popular picnic destination on summer weekends.

Albufeira – The largest and most beach resort town on the Algarve, and home to the famous Albufeira “Strip.”

Armação de Pêra – High-rise and modern resort town that is more popular with Portuguese tourists than international tourists.

Lagoa – Inland town that is not overly touristy, but within easy driving distance of some of the most popular beaches on the Central Algarve.

Silves – Countryside town with a moorish castle and other historical attractions, Silves is a popular daytrip destination for people staying on the coast.

Loulé Municipality

Loulé, which was inhabited by the Romans, has preserved a few remnants from the walls of its Moorish castle. It is a large horticulture and handicraft centre and an important distribution point for produce and products from the mountain villages.

The surrounding countryside is covered with algarroba, almond, fig, and olive trees.

Loulé is situated land inward, the nearest beaches can be found between Quarteira and Faro at 13 km.

Loulé is an important rural administrative and active market town with more than 20.000 residents. The weekly fair is attracting tourists from all along the Algarve. And the annual Carnival in February is considered one of the best in Portugal.

The earthquake in 1755 has destroyed, like in most other towns in the Algarve, most of the historic buildings. Today you can only see some remains of the Arab castle and the Gothic Church of S. Clemente.

The Municipality of Loulé has a coastal area of about 13.5 km, contains 10 bathing areas, which have been awarded the Blue Flag Award for over 10 consecutive years. These beaches are characterized by their high standard of excellence, quality, and safety, and 7 of them stand out for the privileged conditions of accessibility and mobility for all.


The coastline of the municipality of Loulé is evidenced by the mild climate, with long hours of sunshine, the average temperature of the sea water in the order of 22ºC and all the biodiversity of the coastline, the vast natural areas of pine forest, the marshland, the dunes and freshwater lagoons, this qualified offer is complemented by the sophisticated and luxurious tourist facilities present in the Municipality. A wide range of beaches, so you can find one which is buzzing or quiet; –

Praia de Vilamoura / Vilamoura Beach, Praia de Quarteira / Quarteira Beach, Praia do Forte Novo / Forte Novo Beach, Praia do Almargem / Almargem Beach, Praia de Loulé Velho / Loulé Velho Beach, Praia de Vale do Lobo / Vale do Lobo Beach, Praia do Garrão Poente / Garrão – West Beach, Praia do Garrão Nascente / Garrão – East Beach, Praia do Ancão / Ancão Beach,  Praia da Quinta do Lago / Quinta do Lago Beach.

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